“炎の毒きのこ”カエンタケ「絶対に触らないで」(17/08/30) https://t.co/twj6E7JYPe @YouTubeさんから
08-30 21:58

Pack Of Wolves Hunt a Bison - Frozen Planet - BBC Earth https://t.co/PKaYYgEjd0 @YouTubeさんから
08-30 21:53

Toumani Diabaté - The Mande Variations (Full Album) https://t.co/a2PqNXdzc6 @YouTubeさんから
08-30 21:38

RT @nprscience: Warren Buffett Backs Nuclear Fuel Bank In Kazakhstan https://t.co/srAjqm42Nq
08-30 21:27

"The announcement said the firing of a missile was "the first step" of military operations in the Pacific and repe… https://t.co/RCH78S7sPt
08-30 20:32

RT @met_asianart: 風俗四季歌仙 立春|The First Day of Spring (Risshun) by Suzuki Harunobu https://t.co/sIS8cihyz2 #asianart #themet https://t.co/VD4
08-30 08:05

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/ewpT0CbnWC Thanks to @kodansha_piece #hurricaneharvey #gameofthrones
08-30 07:48

麻生太郎氏「動機が正しくても何百万人殺したヒトラーは駄目だ」 https://t.co/7DCgMxIBtk @Sankei_newsさんから
08-30 07:41

RT @RottenTomatoes: Our final scorecard of the Summer is here:Best Reviewed- #TheBigSick 98% 🍅 Worst Reviewed- #EmojiMovie 8% 🍅https://t…
08-30 00:05




RT @BBCWorld: "North Korea's most provocative missile test in a very long time, perhaps ever"https://t.co/T6GeqkndLt https://t.co/pBeHqZmg
08-29 21:16

五条通 https://t.co/Am2O4NnaEa
08-29 20:37

鴨川 https://t.co/uZ1OHOCTEG
08-29 20:36

"[A] major concern is that the IRBM was not intercepted by US and Japanese missile destroyers in the area, says Be… https://t.co/YxYUqUxcfk
08-29 19:36

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/llVo4y70iH #vmas #gameofthrones
08-29 07:49



RT @ajplus: Now's the time to look at what the Nazis inadvertently taught us. https://t.co/mm9RW3K1Sw
08-28 23:58

RT @ajplus: This 95-year-old man escaped the Holocaust. Here's his advice for protesting Nazism. https://t.co/K76F8OaWFA
08-28 23:53

RT @globalvoices: A Popular Japanese Cosmetic Surgeon Is Called Out for Admiring Nazism https://t.co/8lxzEpOOGZ "remains unapologetic" http…
08-28 23:47

Frog Fights For Female Attention - Africa - BBC https://t.co/E9pK51yfwo @YouTubeさんから
08-28 21:22

RT @BBCWorld: Somalia's age of cool https://t.co/huQ6FvdAyr
08-28 19:46

RT @torachitech2: 会社にいるアイスクリームロボット。100円でソフトクリーム🍦作ってくれる😋An ice cream-serving robot https://t.co/N4ldjYiS17
08-28 19:29

RT @met_asianart: 東海道五十三次之内 大津 走井茶屋|Otsu, Soii Chaya by Utagawa Hiroshige https://t.co/SIDMUuxi70 #themet #metmuseum https://t.co/skMsltySsM
08-28 13:07

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/glUnubbXlA #vmas #lookwhatyoumademedo
08-28 07:48



Wayne Shorter – Introducing Wayne Shorter ( Full Album ) https://t.co/IiYF5zAg8A @YouTubeさんから
08-27 22:56

RT @Variety_Film: Tobe Hooper, ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ and ‘Poltergeist’ Director, Dies at 74 https://t.co/Sl8QQHCcwY https://t.co/nc2h9
08-27 20:08

SUNDAY LIBRARY:著者インタビュー 上原善広 『路地の子』 - 毎日新聞 https://t.co/m39pThPDKI
08-27 18:26

RT @newscientist: We can’t help seeing faces in funny places. It turns out monkeys do the same thing https://t.co/z9uBZNh2Cb https://t.co/P
08-27 15:42

RT @WIREDScience: .@rjallain says most scientists don't use a calculator, and neither should you https://t.co/TMdVhDJ0Lc
08-27 15:24

RT @41Strange: This is one of the first ever moonwalks on film, performed by tap dancer Bill Bailey at The Apollo Theatre in 1955 https://t…
08-27 13:13

RT @BBCScienceNews: What's really the point of wasps? https://t.co/GAvWo0fP1X
08-27 13:12

RT @sciam: A new photo of the red "supergiant" Antares is the best ever captured of a star other than the sun https://t.co/nGdpDOfgRD
08-27 09:51

Paleo Profile: The Horned Lizard https://t.co/7JkpvwK7GH #science
08-27 09:38

RT @met_asianart: 風流江戸八景 真乳山の暮雪|Evening Snow on Matsuchi Hilll, from the series Eight Fashionable Views of Edo (Furyu Edo hakkei)... https:…
08-27 09:25

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今日の18時半頃 https://t.co/WKAMkcpR53
08-26 23:30

RT @newscientist: Chris Hadfield: We should live on the moon before a trip to Mars https://t.co/EcqouH7WtF https://t.co/ww0N2n3ZRZ
08-26 21:45

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/7NU3133M1Y #lookwhatyoumademedo #wonderwoman
08-26 07:48



RT @BBCWorld: Could this controversial plan be the way to save rhinos from poachers? 🦏 https://t.co/FJGuPz8jfP
08-25 23:32

湖がドロドロ「クロモ」だらけ ボート転覆の恐れも(17/08/25) https://t.co/qjBfK5GZ11 @YouTubeさんから
08-25 21:36

ショベルカーも出動・・・海岸に13メートルのクジラ(17/08/25) https://t.co/1akaneqjpd @YouTubeさんから
08-25 21:06

ゆうパック、来年3月から個人向け料金値上げ 100~200円程度 ヤマト運輸、佐川急便に続き https://t.co/fnWzwruOAQ @Sankei_newsさんから
08-25 13:51

中国爆撃機が紀伊半島沖に=政府、警戒強める:時事ドットコム https://t.co/VxDZN9X2aX @jijicomさんから
08-25 13:47

カンガルーなど有袋類と同祖先の化石 国内初発見か 熊本 | NHKニュース https://t.co/hDM5Uowztn
08-25 07:58

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/meQtl64ft6 #outlander #bb19
08-25 07:48



Clipping. - The Deep https://t.co/SOtzRjE1Rx @YouTubeさんから
08-24 22:02

Nick Hakim - Needy Bees (Live at Strange Weather) https://t.co/4DbkHdvMUG @YouTubeさんから
08-24 21:42

How To Disappear Completely - Mer De Revs (Full Album, 2017) https://t.co/99aoW7S2Ij @YouTubeさんから
08-24 21:11

RT @NishitanzawaVC: タマゴタケのたまごを割ってみました。 https://t.co/Q7uMxOOszC
08-24 19:46

RT @JAMSTEC_PR: 【プレスリリース】マリアナ海溝の水深8,178mにおいて魚類の撮影に成功。魚類の世界最深映像記録を更新しました。#JAMSTEC #深海 https://t.co/qpD6g6hPv6 https://t.co/jBBVrYyhWS
08-24 18:45

RT @BBCNewsbeat: A US couple think they can see Jesus looking over their baby in their scan pic. Or is it Dave Grohl?https://t.co/ikE1UoDB
08-24 18:36

Pigs rescued from a fire were later served as sausages to thank the firefighters https://t.co/q9uvY8cNrR @nbcnewsさんから
08-24 09:01

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/e6Prd6ancC #thisisus #anamericaninparis
08-24 07:48



The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/tGASd4V8ue #gameofthrones #cops
08-23 07:48



How To Disappear Completely - Mer de Revs II (Full Album, 2017) https://t.co/qGHUQbqNju @YouTubeさんから
08-22 23:48

鴨川 https://t.co/cg03hs0VPT
08-22 23:33

ケンブリッジ大:中国関連の論文、接続遮断を撤回 - 毎日新聞 https://t.co/VkBXtDFkL7
08-22 14:44

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/RYKWbLXdMs #gameofthrones #gots7
08-22 07:48



Iraqi PM Warns Militants 'Leave or be Killed' https://t.co/rWyLYvEM3e @YouTubeさんから
08-21 21:24

鴨川 https://t.co/T3UmStXJmA
08-21 18:59

圧力に屈した英ケンブリッジ大 中国からの論文接続遮断 中国の言論統制が海外にも波及 - SankeiBiz https://t.co/cCppJUXjF9
08-21 13:25

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/VgIHLyyG4J Thanks to @qtbrowneyes #it #xboxgc
08-21 07:48



Where terrorists plotted Barcelona attacks https://t.co/xyhKicpnM1 @YouTubeさんから
08-20 21:36

Extraordinary Lion Hunt Filmed - Attenborough 60 Years In The Wild - BBC... https://t.co/MFAuMakMX0 @YouTubeさんから
08-20 21:08

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/YwX36uW1zC #bb19 #theconjuring
08-20 07:48



Canada struggles with refugee surge from US https://t.co/vUPR7oLxKi @YouTubeさんから
08-19 22:12

鴨川 https://t.co/afDZtVjbyU
08-19 21:38

下鴨神社 https://t.co/6B0Yea6SpS
08-19 21:35

Angola's ruling party holds major rally ahead of elections https://t.co/ucAfdXpuuc @YouTubeさんから
08-19 21:26

Pink Floyd - If - London (1970) legendado https://t.co/DDEw8XXJCA @YouTubeさんから
08-19 21:24

RT @newscientist: Small filter-feeding animals are spreading tiny plastic particles through the sea https://t.co/FQYHCXhVUd https://t.co/Rp
08-19 19:04

嵐山灯籠流し (2013年) #flickr https://t.co/PQwCVTUd93
08-19 17:38

嵐山灯籠流し (2013年) #flickr https://t.co/av5eyXP2cg
08-19 17:38

RT @newscientist: Anatomy of terror: What makes normal people become extremists? https://t.co/Xg16VrMRW8 https://t.co/lwtgRdlXkc
08-19 16:49

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/FRZUft6eqX #thedefenders #defenders
08-19 07:48



Spain Attacks: Despite terror and sorrow, Barcelona is determined to mov... https://t.co/lv2wjK20EX @YouTubeさんから
08-18 22:41

SPAIN ATTACKS: Spanish PM extends condolences to the Attacks victima - B... https://t.co/59ZBiM9RzC @YouTubeさんから
08-18 22:00

The Bowerbird's Grand Performance! - Life Story - BBC https://t.co/kE9HEB9yml @YouTubeさんから
08-18 21:57

観光バス横転、40人搬送 北海道清水町の国道 https://t.co/nKkceVKGBY @YouTubeさんから
08-18 21:38

Shooting Chameleon Tongue In Super Slow Motion - BBC Earth https://t.co/Vl3ZOtnFyi @YouTubeさんから
08-18 21:35

Applause breaks out after minute’s silence for Barcelona attack victims https://t.co/80m0rqW5GY @YouTubeさんから
08-18 21:19

ISIS claims Barcelona terror attack as investigator search for answers https://t.co/PSiuB5EbEp @YouTubeさんから
08-18 08:08

Barcelona: 13 killed as van rams crowds in Las Ramblas - BBC News https://t.co/13gDGC5klP @YouTubeさんから
08-18 08:04

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/Afh9RkaJLN #bb19 #gameofthrones
08-18 07:48



US - Inside armed militias preparing for battle against Russia, North Ko... https://t.co/6tH1GpaCLh @YouTubeさんから
08-17 22:18

Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement leaders jailed https://t.co/tPTX6bSNYQ @YouTubeさんから
08-17 21:56

The rise and fall of the Berlin Wall - Konrad H. Jarausch https://t.co/LDVFGUVlGf @YouTubeさんから
08-17 21:54

RT @BBCWorld: Cathedrals of commerce https://t.co/WRaeXcT66u
08-17 21:09

もしかしてニホンカワウソ?対馬で撮影 12年に絶滅種:朝日新聞デジタル https://t.co/5AqE23SDDH
08-17 13:34

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/fKO9mVh4WL #solareclipse2017 #thelarrysandersshow
08-17 07:48

RT @bbcstories: Meet the woman who wrote @realDonaldTrump's campaign Facebook posts - and the tech firm that helped him get elected. https:…
08-17 00:02



May on Big Ben silence "It can't be right" https://t.co/fxZwLODrK7 @YouTubeさんから
08-16 22:44

Caiman Attacks Family Of Otters - Live Brazil - BBC Earth https://t.co/gAqwj4nKcn @YouTubeさんから
08-16 21:44

Elephants helped rescue 600 people from floods in Nepal https://t.co/funSedCePJ @YouTubeさんから
08-16 21:21

On This Day: Elvis Presley, the "King of Rock and Roll" dies https://t.co/RlYS0AtFwZ @YouTubeさんから
08-16 21:05

「水俣条約」発効 水銀を含む電池などの製造を規制(17/08/16) https://t.co/EOAtKwPtHp @YouTubeさんから
08-16 18:02

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/gnnCNb3Ea5 #bachelorinparadise #deadpool2
08-16 07:48



Understanding the Cinematography of Santosh Sivan https://t.co/QZSZvpfIsS @YouTubeさんから
08-15 21:44

Maggie Rogers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert https://t.co/fYOPEBAdo0 @YouTubeさんから
08-15 14:20

RT @bunshun_online: 学者とマニア、右と左の「中間領域」から過去を問う 近現代史研究家・辻田真佐憲が「戦争」を書く理由 | 「戦争」を書く https://t.co/q2aaz6p2FB #辻田真佐憲
08-15 14:01

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/BAgipRIhFJ #gameofthrones #feud
08-15 07:48



First Time Rhino Affection Caught On Film - Africa - BBC Earth https://t.co/o17uxedjG2 @YouTubeさんから
08-14 22:48

RT @ajplus: Age is just a number for this app maker. Meet 82-year-old Masako Wakamiya. https://t.co/Nj60EO8tHS
08-14 22:06

#鴨川 #京都 https://t.co/Ehnq3mqHYn
08-14 21:30

RT @met_asianart: by Yomo no Utagaki Magao https://t.co/R2B3uTiGPd #asianart #yomonoutagakimagao https://t.co/QCKZLvc4YE
08-14 18:43

RT @41Strange: An old man asks supernatural creatures to remove a lump from his face in "Kobutori", early Japanese animation from 1929 http…
08-14 15:04

RT @met_africanart: Spider Vessel https://t.co/TazwWLtJlo #themet #museum https://t.co/xUW1nlGWqz
08-14 15:01

RT @met_asianart: 東海道五十三次之内 石薬師 石薬師寺|Ishiyakushi, Ishiyakushi Ji by Utagawa Hiroshige https://t.co/LUoQ0U4kI9 #utagawahiroshige #asianart h…
08-14 14:59

RT @met_asianart: by Miyagawa Chozo https://t.co/oEsw5d793g #miyagawachozo #themet https://t.co/CzYPFInr0B
08-14 14:59

RT @met_asianart: 飛天像|Flying Apsaras (Hiten) https://t.co/AUMq7YkUKE #asianart #metmuseum https://t.co/C8jgy6tatR
08-14 14:55

中学校に白いヒグマ 現在も逃走中 色素欠乏の「アルビノ」の個体か 北海道下川町 https://t.co/EpCQEXtnys @Sankei_newsさんから
08-14 14:43

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Largest Jumping Spider In The World - BBC Earth https://t.co/VkuY3QLFQU @YouTubeさんから
08-13 22:11

RT @met_asianart: by Mitsuhiro Ōhara https://t.co/tD8uI66dy5 #metmuseum #themet https://t.co/dux29ekCdP
08-13 21:53

RT @41Strange: "Ugokie kori no tatehiki" is a 1933 Japanese cartoon directed by Ikuo Ōishi, one of the pioneers of Japanese animation https…
08-13 21:48

RT @BirdLife_News: Why do grebes have such hypnotic dance rituals? https://t.co/8ZEG8kwqGz https://t.co/NkRKzCI1bx
08-13 14:00

RT @newscientist: A newly named dinosaur was probably the biggest creature that ever lived https://t.co/uFsYCicGuK https://t.co/QWQavqbsnw
08-13 13:48

RT @BBCEarth: Electrofishing: Saviour of the sea or fracking of the oceans? #OurBluePlanetVia @BBCNewsnight https://t.co/NXeF5F019f
08-13 13:35

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/5VCNWjFa7i #charlottesville #dunkirk
08-13 07:48



RT @newscientist: We can stop hacking and trolls, but it would ruin the internet https://t.co/IPFGgllzFR https://t.co/ousvfAviCd
08-12 16:55

RT @ukigumo_club: なんか見慣れないきのこだなあ、と思って、じっくり観察すると、たくさんのツブツブが……。そうか、冬虫夏草か!と掘り出してみると、大当たり。ハチタケ?でした。細長くない結実部を見るのは初めて。 https://t.co/vKytMrKxZe
08-12 16:31

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/w0XNzNPy99 #bb19 #rainbow
08-12 07:48



RT @kyoto_np: [京都新聞]南洋のラン「マクロブルブム」開花 京都府立植物園、国内で初 https://t.co/iptOybkbXB
08-11 23:18

RT @met_asianart: by Utagawa Kuniyoshi https://t.co/gbZMuumWXj #themet #asianart https://t.co/wygCfFqZb3
08-11 23:14

RT @41Strange: 'The Matsumoto fragment' is the oldest known work of animation from Japan (ca. 1907-1911). The child writes "moving picture"…
08-11 23:11

RT @41Strange: The army of octopuses in "Osaru no Kantai" - Early Japanese Animation from 1936 directed by Manzo Miyashita https://t.co/fBg
08-11 23:10

RT @BirdsofBhutan: Long-tailed BroadbillBhutanApril/2016Photographer: Biju PB. https://t.co/bqkYPImMka
08-11 22:23

佛光寺通 #京都 https://t.co/aScIV0Ztn1
08-11 20:58

アホ アホ アホ #京都 https://t.co/24jCjkaKuW
08-11 20:56

錦天満宮 朝と夜 #京都 https://t.co/2ePL9LETme
08-11 20:54

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/hqdp4Kvq6K #emmys #thesinner
08-11 07:48



RT @met_asianart: 月下白梅図|White Plum Blossoms and Moon by Itō Jakuchū https://t.co/jCMJm88Xtt #metmuseum #asianart https://t.co/hvo7uKaSKV
08-10 23:45

RT @met_africanart: Helmet Mask https://t.co/GC8Z5ttual #museum #themet https://t.co/1KnLSnybgY
08-10 23:28

Caracara And Coati Fight Over Lungfish Feast - Wild Brazil - BBC Earth https://t.co/QvAhRfKIN2 @YouTubeさんから
08-10 22:00

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/lzw0ee6i34 #emmys #carpoolkaraoke
08-10 07:48



Protests against mass tourism escalate in Spain https://t.co/SSZ7kPrB22 @FRANCE24さんから
08-09 20:35

Apple starts hiring for ninth Japanese store, based in Kyoto https://t.co/l7YvsBHEcC @AppleInsiderさんから
08-09 10:17

東大寺にハングル落書きか 国宝・法華堂:日本経済新聞 https://t.co/NKxmIu5fRj
08-09 10:13

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/U9v5hebwur #gameofthrones #poyh
08-09 07:48

RT @met_africanart: Head of an Oba https://t.co/zwJx5CfupJ #metmuseum #museum https://t.co/YsL8oHOAVF
08-09 00:19



RT @met_cloisters: Plaque with Saint Aemilian by Master Engelram and his son Redolfo https://t.co/iA70oqmUB5 #themet #masterengelramandhiss
08-08 23:35

RT @met_asianart: 清中期 玉羅漢山子|Seated luohan (arhat) in a grotto https://t.co/o3yjKcLO97清中期-玉羅漢山子-seated-luohan-arhat-in-a-grotto-asian #asian
08-08 23:11

RT @met_asianart: 六十余州名所図会 武蔵 隅田川 雪の朝|Morning after a Snowfall, the Sumida River, Musashi Province, from the series Views of... https://t.c
08-08 23:09

Smart Heron Used Bread To Fish - Super Smart Animals - BBC Earth https://t.co/C9LOaoiqmq @YouTubeさんから
08-08 22:21

RT @met_asianart: by Utagawa Kuniteru https://t.co/9amUAi4QTA #metmuseum #utagawakuniteru https://t.co/rsOsxIESPl
08-08 18:51

RT @met_asianart: by Shi Dabin https://t.co/oVab5suNJt #metmuseum #themet https://t.co/KIJzw70cho
08-08 16:53

RT @41Strange: Surviving Test footage by Ray Harryhausen for the unrealized film 'The Elementals' in which giant bat creatures attack Earth…
08-08 15:10

RT @met_asianart: 縮緬地霞に松模様留袖|Kimono with Pines and Mist https://t.co/kjdcCp7t97縮緬地霞に松模様留袖-kimono-with-pines-and-mist-asian #themet #asianar
08-08 15:07

京の七夕 (2013年) #flickr https://t.co/wHmSsIRMnZ
08-08 11:35

京の七夕 (2013年) #flickr https://t.co/SlepeDp36z
08-08 11:35

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Beautiful Spider Web Build Time-lapse - BBC Earth https://t.co/swT7eTy3BR @YouTubeさんから
08-07 23:49

RT @ogugeo: ペルー南部のマチュピチュ近郊の「聖なる谷」には、インカ文明以前にさかのぼる塩田がある。山の斜面を棚田のように整え、泉で湧く塩分が多い水を入れて乾燥させ、貴重な塩を得る。インスタグラムの howfarfromhome 氏による写真集。 https://t.…
08-07 23:08

Sardine Feeding Frenzy: Whale, Shark, Dolphin and Sea Lions - The Hunt -... https://t.co/cDsh8eMb3S @YouTubeさんから
08-07 22:10

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/UmWwpPtaWD #tca17 #willandgrace
08-07 07:48



ゲンゴロウの新種発見…西表島で国内24年ぶり:読売新聞 https://t.co/lMGwOf2tNE
08-06 17:37

RT @dantyutei: 東京オリンピックのスタジアム建設のためにボルネオの原生林が切られるなんて馬鹿馬鹿しいにもほどがある。日本の国土の70%は森林で、そのうち40%は植林なのに、こういうときに使える木を育てていないのか。高くても日本の木を使え。
08-06 17:32

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/4D6gPYyG8l #detroitmovie #darktowermovie
08-06 07:48



RT @met_asianart: 山姥と金太郎|Yamauba Combing Her Hair and Kintoki by Kitagawa Utamaro https://t.co/hj96hYrW83 #metmuseum #kitagawautamaro https…
08-05 23:14

RT @britishmuseum: Which colours suit this Chinese embroidery the best? Follow the next steps in the conservation process: https://t.co/Zc
08-05 21:55

#鴨川 #京都 https://t.co/2h0VN7ClL5
08-05 20:25

Vera Bila - Pas o Panori https://t.co/FNreu3jEyU @YouTubeさんから
08-05 14:54

RT @met_cloisters: Leaf from a Beatus Manuscript: the Fourth Angel Sounds the Trumpet and an Eagle Cries Woe https://t.co/Y1QpSrCxSp #metmu
08-05 08:32

RT @historyepics: This is how we end wars. https://t.co/ZppFqCFSTp
08-05 08:31

RT @oldpicsarchive: Magic Realism by Rob Gonsalves (25 images) https://t.co/wr3LI23GHp https://t.co/GCJZWMTteM
08-05 08:31

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/eCV2l3qL0H #emmys #bb19
08-05 07:48



RT @met_asianart: Miya Atsuta Shinji|東海道五十三次之内 宮 熱田神事|Festival at Atsuta Temple by Utagawa Hiroshige https://t.co/8uyK9zdCza #themet #metmu
08-04 20:21

RT @kyoto_np: [京都新聞]路地裏物件、旅館業法上OKなのに… 京都市指導で営業停止も https://t.co/VE0Omn0C5t
08-04 20:15

RT @41Strange: Pom Poko (1994) Japanese animated film directed by Isao Takahata https://t.co/yKOGt1RGDV
08-04 20:11

RT @met_asianart: by Dasoja of Balligrama https://t.co/pn0u2wZ5To #dasojaofballigrama #metmuseum https://t.co/ythc99mo7a
08-04 20:10

RT @kyoto_np: [京都新聞]紫式部文学賞に津村記久子さん「浮遊霊ブラジル」 京都・宇治 https://t.co/eeBlYIeug5
08-04 19:59

RT @met_africanart: Seated Chief Playing Thumb Piano (Mwanangana) https://t.co/HP9BRkpnzG #museum #themet https://t.co/UQDfG6srWh
08-04 19:58

RT @PlanTatami: Ce bon vieux Chishu Ryu https://t.co/kw1LZZjAC9
08-04 19:55

#鴨川 #京都 https://t.co/JCjT4qGqM3
08-04 19:47

The Dark Tower: The Rare Bad Movie That Should Be Longer https://t.co/XYW7zfwa5Z
08-04 14:08

It's Official: Stunning Fossil Is a New Dinosaur Species https://t.co/5sOe3H0YNv @NatGeoさんから
08-04 08:07

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RT @met_asianart: 『浅草観音奉掛額之 図』 「扇屋内滝川 富川、粂川、玉川、津川、歌川、清川 め浪、お浪」|A Votive Picture to Be Donated to the Kannon of Asakusa (Asakusa... https://…
08-03 22:06

RT @kyoto_np: [京都新聞]七条大橋、初のライトアップ 京都・鴨川の夜に光のアーチ https://t.co/42dfV6f7U2
08-03 22:04

RT @met_asianart: 江戸高名会亭尽 亀戸裏門 玉屋|Kameido Uramon (Tama-ya) by Utagawa Hiroshige https://t.co/YdDFLPsTLb #asianart #utagawahiroshige https:/…
08-03 21:40

RT @DamienKempf: Morning cuteness - Hedgehog by Albertus Seba [1734] https://t.co/KmLoKQefpU
08-03 21:04

RT @amyjeffs0: Medieval vape or musical instrument? Jury's out. https://t.co/aN6TJR6UIV #PolonskyPre1200 https://t.co/otQZMwvpbb
08-03 21:03

#鴨川 #京都 https://t.co/qtLrOWSmz4
08-03 19:19

“Would Japanese nukes stop North Korean aggression? Tokyo taboo weakens amid NK testing | Fox News” https://t.co/6LtUDNE90r
08-03 13:48

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/V2nmrMB5uT #willandgrace #goldenglobes
08-03 07:48



North Korean threat enters ‘new phase’: allies https://t.co/X7JTSJyF26
08-02 21:23

BBC News - Did the first flower look like this? https://t.co/PmocE5j0wE
08-02 14:37

The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/2tTT0sdXoE #gameofthrones #mentellall
08-02 07:48



The latest The Masahiro Makino Daily! https://t.co/uKudqJL0iZ #gameofthrones #twinpeaks
08-01 07:49

RT @kyoto_np: [京都新聞]京都タワーにお化け屋敷復活 30年ぶり https://t.co/YEeCPYBeMD
08-01 00:05

RT @kyoto_np: [京都新聞]四条通地下道、年度内に活用策 京都、推進会議が初会合 https://t.co/soHAsRhzaX
08-01 00:03

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